TIC-80 Documentation WIP

website https://tic.computer
twitter @tic_computer
hashtag #TIC80
chat Discord
community Itch.io / VKontakte
bugs Github
wiki Github
changelog Github
author Vadim Grigoruk // [email protected]


Filippo Rivato @HomineLudens
Fred Bednarski @level27geek
Al Rado @alrado2
Trevor Martin @trelemar


DISPLAY240x136 pixels, 16 colors palette
INPUT2 gamepads with 6 buttons / mouse
SPRITES256 8x8 foreground sprites and 256 8x8 background tiles
MAP240x136 cells, 1920x1088 pixels
SOUND4 channels with configareble waveforms
CODE64KB of Lua or Moonscript


helpShow available commands
ramShow 64K RAM layout
exitExit the application
newCreate new cartridge
load <cart>Load .tic cartridge from the local filesystem
save <cart>Save .tic cartridge to the local filesystem
runRun current project
dirShow list of local files
folderOpen working directory in OS (Windows, Linux, MacOSX)
addShow file open dialog to add file to TIC
del <file>Delete from the filesystem
get <file>Show file save dialog to download file
export <res>Export [html | native | sprites | cover]
import <res>Import [sprites | cover] from .gif
clsClear screen
demoInstall demo carts
config [save]Show config.lua file editor


ESCswitch console/editor
ALT+~show console
ALT+1/F1show code editor
ALT+2/F2show sprite editor
ALT+3/F3show map editor
ALT+4/F4show sfx editor
ALT+5/F5show music editor
F11/ALT+ENTERfullscreen/window mode
CTRL+R/ENTERrun current project
CTRL+X/C/Vcut/copy/paste in code and sprite editors (SHIFT+DEL/CTRL+INSERT/SHIFT+INSERT)
CTRL+Ssave cart
ARROWSnavigate in sprite editor, move map in map editor
CTRLshow spritesheet in map editor
CTRL+Z/yundo/redo changes
CTRL+Ffind in code editor
CTRL+Ggo to line in code editor
CTRL+Oshow code outline
F7assign screen buffer as cover image

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