Demo made for tutorial @
made by trelemar
uploaded by trelemar
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This demo was made to follow along at:



Hey, I'd just like to thank you for this tutorial.
I learned a lot by dissecting it in every way I could think of.

Now I just need to figure out smooth scrolling...


#240 Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful. I actually wrote a camera tutorial that should help you with smooth scrolling as well, here's the link:


how do i add new blocks of diffrent colors and have collision detection for them?


oh nevermind


There seems to be an issue where you can clip 1 pixel into a corner.
To reproduce: get to where the player is in this screenshot: and hold right. You should get stuck in the corner of the platform below.


The landing and wall scripts are a bit unoptimized, leading to clipping and the dreaded "Fake Landing" (The landing that kills your momentum before you fully land)
To fix landing, have ground detection happen after you go into the ground, and use a while-do script to push yourself back to the surface. Similarly for walls, use a direction variable and push yourself out according to the direction using another while-do script.
Hope this helps.


But could you teach me how to make the map? I'd really appriciate.


I found that when I tried to jump it would not allow me to jump, for some reason btnp(4) wasn't working for me. What I did was change btnp(4) to btnp(up) and this solved the problem. Why did this happen, and is there a better way to fix my problem?

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