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Minesweeper clone for Gamecodeur Gamejam #7
made by Bentic
uploaded by Bentic
download cartridge


This is a Minesweeper clone made for practice for the Gamecodeur Gamejam #7.

All code, graphics, sounds and music are made by myself with the included editors (with the exception of the title screen picture made with Pyxel Edit).
More efficient code help for highscores storage in the game's cartridge persistent memory from Rami​ (LIKO-12​ developer).

There is a secret mode accessible with the "Anokmi code"!
Can you find it ?



Very nice.


very polished release :D


I tried to play in a 8x6 playfield with 1 mine and when I made my first move, it returned:
`[string "-- title: TIC-Sweeper 0.9..."]:557: attempt to index a nil value (field '?')`
Undocumented Lua opcode?!?!?


I'd never played Minesweeper before, and I've now played this for 3 hours straight. Well done


Cool! I had some serious 2-hour fun with this! Keep up the good work!!!


Hey guys!
Sorry, I haven't checked the website, I didn't know I had comments.
Thank you all :)
I don't have much time to dedicate to programming at the moment, but I'll definitely take a look at that issue, StinkerB06.

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