A mini remake of Battle City in Lua and TIC-80
made by isshiki
uploaded by k1ps
download cartridge


This game is a partial remake of the classic Battle City, one of my favorite games. I have built this for a game jam and I don't think I am going to update the game anytime soon (Sorry!), but since the game is entirely open source, you can feel free to use all the assets and code to elaborate the game or to build yourself a new one, a better one I hope. Anyway, thank you for playing! Enjoy!
Source code:
P.S. If you are interested in how I have built it, I wrote a blog post about it



Want sound...


Works too slow. Need optimization.
That the sound did not added is excusable.
Saved the size of sprites - good.
But the size of the level was reduced => you need to add scrollscreen.

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