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Platformer game
made by Zus
uploaded by captainzus
download cartridge


A short platformer game.



Love this


beaten with all cubes :)


Best game on TIC. Want to buy it in Steam


Simple, but hard and very playable. Good job!


A beautiful game with a clever gameplay!


That is a really solid game :) love it :)


I really love this game and I started speedrunning it my best time is 68 secs.


This game is awesome, but if could be better if it had music too.


teach meehh


This is great, but I feel it doesn't give proper credit for the code (mine) and the sprites (ones that are mine and ones from Abandonouts (though I understand they can be used credit free)).


This game has great and clever gameplay, and I loved it. But I do have a complaint about the level design. In some areas, there are multiple paths. Some paths lead you to areas that you can't get out of, so you miss some cubes on the other path. This makes it really hard to get all cubes.


I think I shouldn't get out of bounds just randomly to then wander through black screens leading me finally to the last room with the cake


Rottenland Tell me how to get out of bounds


I had a hard time putting this game down. Very addictive, and the controls were extremely fluid. Nice work!


Beat it in 19 seconds ;)


Make that 18 :D
For some reason you cant retrieve your password, and since I couldn't get the password to work I tried random letters, and it worked :c


Could you make a tutorial on the camera? I'm trying to make a game (with TIC-80) and I can't figure out how to get the camera to change rooms whenever the player changes rooms.


How did you beat it in 18 seconds!?


its probably a bit late to say this now since its been like a year but this still really annoys me. you take my code and make a level thats kind of ok (but also broken) and it gets to fourth in the popular games section. you didnt even make any new assets, you just used mine and the abandonauts tileset, and changed her hair to green for some reason. i dont have a massive problem with that on its own, (especially as my original game isnt really that good) but everyone in the comments is praising it for "clever gameplay" and being the "best game on TIC" and asking for code tutorials on MY code (though you dont seem to have responded to any of them clarifyng anything), and now i cant even post the original game on this website because it will look like I stole YOUR code. if you had just given credit with a link to mine i'd be fine but you dont give any credit on this version, and on the version you say it was "inspired" by my game, not ENTIRELY based on it. from all of this it seems like maybe you just dont care about either this game or mine at all/any more, which i can understand, but at least for me its feels really disrespectful, especially considering the original was ALREADY based on another game (for which i have tried to give proper credit).

for anyone who cares, heres some links:
this game's page:
the tileset used here (Abandonauts):
the original game (Celesteditor):
the game i based my game on (Celeste):


@DigitPenguin This game is now in 3rd place.


This game is very much base on CELESTE, which I am super angry about for one reason: It does not state this.


Although, if it stated it I'd be incredibly glad. The game is nice and fluid, loved the controls, loved the gameplay. Wish to play it again.



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