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i only uploaded this cart because i think i discovered a bug. in SURF mode, you can't play games that end with ".tic" and i wanted to play a game called "factorio" ( but i didn't worked, the console always returned "cart loading error". nesbox, if you see this please delete this cart



Actually let's not delete the cart, just ask the developer of the cart to update the cartridge file name, to have the .tic extension at the end. Even if I try to save a cartridge without a file extension on my end would automatically add to .tic extension before it actually gets saved.


The person of factorio probably blocked the cart from being played in the native version, unless you download the cartridge from the website and add it to the TIC-80 directory.


Oh actually it's not a bug with file name, but just the Title tag in the cartridge from the code editor.

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