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Balloon popping fun for the family!
made by msx80
uploaded by msx80
download cartridge


A very simple game where you have to pop balloons with the beak. Every missed balloon is a life lost, you have three life, try to make your high score!

Not much else. My first game for fantasy consoles and my first dive in Lua. Gfx and Sfx by my, both terrible.
Programmed in a couple of days while hospitalized to beat boredom.

Feel free to leave positive or negative feedback!

Thanks to:
-Fubuki for the graphics :)
-jahodfra for player 2 support and difficulty setting



First round, popped 22 balloons. Second round, 128 balloons.


Very cool game, congrats! My best score is 88 for now!.

I love the graphics (very beautiful) and the general gameplay feels great. If you want to improve it, I'll add some catchy music, and a animation when the balloons explodes, that'll be perfect! :)


Hi drludos, those would be very welcome additions, thanks :) i'm msx on discord


Very beatufiul graphics! Looks like a MSX game, jajaja!


@joanra Almost a reference to msx80, the user that made this game!

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