The Sequel
made by Cubee (Q-bik Games)
uploaded by cubee
download cartridge


Pixel Jump II - Made in TIC version 0.60.3
Download 0.60.3 at:

I need a music person please. My other music is bad.

(This one is a mash up of the Python and TIC-80 versions)
Please tell me about any bugs, glitches or anything you would like changed, removed or added.

- Added a new level.
- Changed a few level names to fit their looks better.
- Added low gravity in space.
- Added new stars (randomly placed in space).
- Added a thing to say what will happen when you click the title screen.
- Title screen background changes based on selected level

How to play:
When you are on the title screen, click or tap the left side of the screen to change characters,
and click or tap the right side of the screen to change the map.
After you have made your choice, click or tap the middle of the screen to begin.
Move the mouse or tap where you want the player to go.
If they land on the pad they will bounce up again.
If you miss the pad you will get a game over and you will be presented with the game over
screen, showing your score and the current high score.

sshhh - Press Y

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