Terrain Generator
made by Cubee
uploaded by cubee
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Terra - A terrain generator and platform game.

31-5-19 Update (Money/Combat)
- Added two kinds of coins
- You can now defeat the slimes by holding the sword

15-5-19 Update (Graphics/Adventure)
- Added desert area (Opposite side to snow)
- Changed stone sprite

10-5-19 Update (Combat/Graphics)
- Added basic slime enemies that chase you
- Slimes can damage you
- Invincibility frames
- Title screen is animated now
- Added bow sprite

5-2-19 Update (Creation/Graphics)
- Added snow area
- Added inventory
- Added mining and building with 4 block types
- Made tools show in hand
- Wolf sprite



This game has a lot of potential... The graphics are beautiful. The quality and speed of the terrain generation impresses me.
But sound is very important. So is music. This game is under development, and the music may be temporary. But bad music can repel the user and prevent him from discovering a wonderful game (and to share it)
Actually, the composition is not so difficult. Watch tutorials on YouTube, it's free and it's worth it ;)

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