Action Adventure meets Match 3 as you traverse the woods, capturing slimes and gathering trinks in your quest to get home clean.
made by William Anderson
uploaded by williamanderson
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Gameplay and Controls: Scroll down to "Controls" section.
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Lavender Woods
Monnet is lost in Lavender Woods...

Monnet finds herself lost in the woods after wandering in against her mother's warning. Now she is on an epic adventure to get back, all-the-while taking time to explore the 9 unique areas of the Lavender Woods, capture slime, and collect treasures.

On her way back though, she must also be careful not to run into any un-netted slime, and to avoid the puddles of ooze they leave about, or she may get her clothes dirty —inviting trouble when she gets home.

Carefully balance, the order you catch slime, collect un-matchable objects (such as rocks and gems), navigate back through areas, and explore to maximize your score and fun!

∙ z — shoot net
∙ x + left or right — move slime in match 3 game
∙ up,down,left,right — move character (Monnet)
∙ Hit slimes with nets to trap them
∙ Collect captured slime
∙ Match 3+ slime of the same color to clear them
∙ Nets are limited and must be retrieved
∙ Get to the goal at the end

∙ 9 Areas to reach and explore
∙ An adorable world full of slimes and ghosts
∙ Local leaderboards (local to the machine running the game)
∙ Action Adventure meets Match 3 gameplay
∙ Full original chiptune soundtrack



Pretty neat game that oddly reminds me of puyo puyo.


@isaiahmag Thanks! There is definitely some Puyo elements/inspiration in the match-3 portion with the slimes. Im glad you enjoyed it!


I really like the graphics


Love this music to death

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