A clone of Taito's Space Invaders made using only the built in TIC-80 font and block elements
made by oshaboy
uploaded by oshaboy
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Text Invaders. Back in the day the ROM font was a critical part of graphics. With Systems like the Tandy Color Computer and ZX81 relying on it. Back then it was to save RAM. Now... I guess it is just fun. Either way the TIC-80 has only 1 true screen mode.

Anyway the game is a clone of Taito's Space Invaders using nothing but print() and font() for graphics (font() is limited to Block Elements which are are common feature in 8 bit computers but are absent from the tic. I feel like that is a fair compromise).

The game has been minimally polished so criticism is welcome. Use X(A) and Y(S) to change palettes. Ernpu Yriry Zbq Sbhe.



So good. Loved the original, love this one too.


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