Successor to my previous cartridge
made by StinkerB06
uploaded by StinkerB06
download cartridge


The example data set matches the results shown here:

You can modify the data set in the code editor.

v1.0, released April 25th, 2019: Initial release
v1.1, released April 25th, 2019: If the mode() tally index referred to a number that doesn't exist in the input data set, return 0 instead of a string.
v1.2, released April 30th, 2019:
- Reduced the mode() function's line count.
- Tweaked the thing that's traced to the console, including adding a display that shows how many times the mode number has repeated in the data set.
v1.3, released May 2nd, 2019:
- Damn... why do I keep thinking of repeat count instead of most repeated value?!? Fixed that little plural bug in the repeat count display.
- If the data set is empty, use trace() instead of error(). error() traces the Lua stack dump (which is sort of annoying), while trace() doesn't.
- Added some useful help comments to the source code.

You can find the original cartridge here:

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