Music > PC SPEAKER... IN TIC-80?

Shows how to do PC Speaker-style music
made by StinkerB06
uploaded by StinkerB06
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A "PC Speaker" is a tiny device found on the motherboard of many old computers. These only produced a single square-wave tone at one of two volume settings: full volume or mute. However, as time went on, programmers and composers made really clever workarounds with the PC speakers' limitations. For example, cycling between multiple notes (like an arpeggio) to produce polyphony, and timer abuse to push crude PWM audio out of the speaker (something not possible on TIC-80 due to sound engine design and SCN() not being a stable 8160Hz timer interrupt).

Sprite from Pokey The Hedgehog 2 Alpha 2 by Jackj106:



SCN() (deprecated: scanline()) was never meant to be a timer interrupt for whatever purpose. It just applies graphical effects to the final picture drawn by TIC() (ex: gradients, emphasis, mapping palettes to different sections, wave effects, and even those classic ZX Spectrum-style border effects), before it draws OVR().


Hmmm.... PC speaker like MS-DOS Operating system


Also beep...,


Yes, 80's old computer MS-DOS sound speaker can listen beep

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